The following is a portfolio of musical titles I made into digital arrangements via MIDI between 1989 and 2004 These arrangements were orchestrated with the sound banks of my DX7 keyboard, my Roland D110 and Proteus 2 sound modules. They were originally recorded onto cassette tapes (and more recently, CD's) for my personal use. A great deal of care and artistry went into these renderings. Although they are digital 'MIDI's', the instrumentation for most of these are not 'mapped' to the General MIDI (GM) standard that computers use for MIDI sound reproduction, so most .mids that are requested will not sound right instrumentally will have to be 'fixed'  by re-assigning instruments. This is especially true for the MIDI drum mapping. At any rate, the .mid format played by most computers is quickly becoming obsolete in the light of the recent advancements in computing power & capacity that allows for 24 bit audio processing. The audio produced with today's technology is far superior in quality to the General MIDI audio that most computers use for .mid playback. Consequently, I recommend that customers order upgraded renderings of the available titles listed below.


This is not a "COMPLETELY FREE MIDI" site

Many titles in my collection are under copyright protection. I WILL NOT DISTRIBUTE THESE without permission from the copyright holders.

The main purpose of this lisiting is to demonstrate the range of musical styles I am capable of rendering digitally. All my musical work is crafted to the highest artistic standards. I seek clients who require my services as an arranger or who otherwise have a need for some specific music that I can produce with my technological tools.

That said, some of the ready-made titles below are available upon request. Most of the available titles will require some upgrading to make them 'playable' as General MIDI '.mids'. I must charge a fee for that service (since labor is involved), as well as for other services such as upgrading to 24 bit audio samples (recommended), conversion to mp3, burning CD's, etc. Please realize that the MIDI arrangments catalogued below (with the exception of a few classical titles) are not copies of the universally available '.mid's' found all over the web, but are my original work. I have made some of these available as downloadable MIDI's and you may freely link to these. Please email me for specific requests. They will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

For an example of the sound quality that my studio now produces, go to the "Daydreams" music sample page (linked to the Alice website) and click on the player. The MIDI's on this page that can be played, being an older technology, will not sound as good.

Client comment:

From Stephen v2, founder of OUTSIDE IN FILMS and creator of OUTSIDE IN,
a new independent film for which I did MIDI work:

...After exchanging some emails with Michael and hearing some samples of his work, for a very,very reasonable fee, he supplied (me) with an incredible version based on the original score ...

...So now I have my guide track. If you ever need some quality help with classical music, I highly recommend Sir Muse.


Click on any of the categories below to go to that part of the catalogue. Use your browser's "find" feature to locate specific titles by keyword. Titles in the catalogue higlighted in red are linked to downloadable MIDI's. For a fee, I will upgrade all distributable MIDI's to higher grade sampled audio, deliverable in any audio format upon request. Email me for more information.





Musical numbers from complete shows (listed in black) are in show order


Adelaide's Lament (from "Guys and Dolls")


If I Were a Rich Man
Sabbath Prayer
Monologue 1
To Life, L'chayim
The Dream
Sunrise Sunset
Wedding Dances
Do You Love Me
Monologue 2
Far From the Home I Love
Chava Sequence
All for the Best (from "Godspell")
Bali Hai (from "South Pacific")
Cabaret (from "Cabaret")
Chin Up Ladies (from "Milk and Honey")
Do Re Mi (from "The Sound of Music")
We're Having a Party
I Love the Night
Wonderful Place to Work
How Outrageous
Come Into My World
All the Way From Transylvainia
Stupid Superstition
The Lady in White
Oh, How Our Firm Resolve's Starting to Soften
You Haven't got a Chance
The Tippy Tippy Tap of Love
At Last
Edelweiss (from "Sound of Music")
Favorite Things (from "The Sound of Music")
I Sing The Body Electric (from "Fame")
I've Never Been in Love Before (from "Guys and Dolls")
If I Loved You (from "Carousel")
The Impossible Dream(from "Man of La Mancha")
It's a Grand Night for Singing (from "State Fair" - Rodgers)
Mack the Knife (from "The Threepenny Opera")
Money, Money (from "Cabaret")
Oh Lord, I'm On My Way (from "Porgy and Bess")
On My Own (from "Les Miserables")
Pick-a-Little (from "The Music Man")
Pirate Jenny (from "The Threepenny Opera")
Put on a Happy Face (from "Bye Bye Birdie")
Some Enchanted Evening (from "South Pacific")
Sound of Music ("...the hills are alive...")
Tango - Ballad (from "The Threepenny Opera")
The Telephone Hour (from "Bye Bye Birdie")
The Joint is Jumpin' (from "Aint Misbehavin')
Wonderful Guy (from "South Pacific")
You'll Never Walk Alone (from "Carousel)
You've Got to Be Taught (from "South Pacific")
Younger Than Springtime (from "South Pacific")


Canon of the Mimes
Christmas Round (C. Michaelson)
Corpus Christi Carol (B. Britten)
Come Follow (round)
Dona Nobis Pacem
Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle Bells
Old Tidings (3 Movt. score requiring full orch. & chor. - email me)
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Ukrainian Bell Carol
Wassail Song (arr. M. Sirotta)


Adagio For Strings (Barber)
Bydlo (Mussorgsky)
Chicks (Mussorgsky)
Exultate Jubilate (Mozart - Mvts.1 & 3)
Flight of the Bumble Bee (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Iolanthe Prelude (Gilbert and Sullivan)
La Habenera (Bizet - from "Carmen")
Lacrymosa(as "music Box")(Mozart - from the Requiem)
The Miller of Dee (Benjamin Britten)
Soave Sia il Vento (Mozart)
Soldier's March from "L'histoire Du Soldat" (Stravinsky)
Spring (from "The Seasons" - Vivaldi)
Sweet Polly Oliver (Benjamin Britten)


Amapola (Italian)
Funiculi Funicula
Mamma (Italian)
Turn, Turn, Turn (Seeger - arr. M. Sirotta)



Adir Hu
Adon Olam (Steinberg)
A Fiddler
Al Hanisim
Al Kol Ele
Aleph Bet
Am Yisrael Chai
Ani Maamin
Ani Purim
Anniversary waltz
Atze Zetim Omdim
Avenu Malkeinu
B'Simchat Torah #2
B'zet Yisrael
Ballad of Crystal Night
Baruch Haba
Bayom Hahu
Beloved, Come
Brochot Shel Hannukah
Chag Purim
David Melech Yisrael
Dona Dona
Dremlyn Feygl
Echad Mi Yodeah
Eight days of Hannukah
Ein Adir
Eitz Chaim
Eli, Eli (Hannah Senesh)
Eliahu Hanavi
En Od Mil'vado
Eretz Zavat Chalav
Elimelech of Gilhofn
Etz Chaim Hi (Traditional)
Grune Cousine
Ha Lachma
Ha Motzi
Freilach Set
Frogs (for Pesach)
Had Gadyo
Halleluia Im Hashir("...sing a song")
Hanerot Halalu
Hannukah's Child
Hashkiveinu (Sirotta)
Hayom T'Amtzenu
Hevenu Shalom Alechem
Hinei Ba
Hinei MaTov
Hold Fast to Dreams
Holy One (Cantor B. Schiller)
Hot a Yid a Weibele
How Does a Tzar Drink Tea
Jerusalem of Gold
Kum Aher Du Filozof
L'Kovoid Shabas
L'Shana Tova Tikatevu
Lama Suka Zu
Lebn Zol Kolumbus
Let the Heaven's Be Glad (Robert Weinberg)
Let's Be Friends
Light One Candle (Peter Yarrow)
Lo Yisa Goy (Samba)
Lots of Latkes
Ma Nistanah Ma Tovu (NFTY version)
Ma Tovu (round version)
Maoz Tzur
Menorah, Menorah
Merry Merry Be
Mul Har Sinai
My Zeyde
Oh, Hannukah
O, Ir Kleyne Lichtele
Oseh Sholom (M. Sirotta)
Oyfn Pripetshok
Not By Might, Not by Power (Deborah Friedman)
Partisaner Lied
Rozhenkes Mit Mandlen
Sappari (Yemenite Instrumental)
Sha! Still!
Shabbat Shalom L'Abba
Shalom Alechem
Shalom Rav (Klepper)
Shavuah Tov
Shir Lashalom
Shlof Mayn Zun
Sim Shalom (M. Sirotta)
Sisu V'Simchu #1
Sisu V'Simchu #2
Tanz, Tanz, Tanz
Tapuchim Ud'vash
This is Very Good (Klepper)
The Youth Shall See Visions (Deborah Friedman)
Tif in Veldele
Torat Emet
Tu B'Shevat
Tum Balalaika
Uva'u Haovdim
V'ha'Ir Shushan
Veahavtah Le'Rayeha
We Came to Sing in Jerusalem
Who Can Retell
Wicked King
Y'did Nefesh
Yesh Li Yad
Yom Tov Lanu
Yom Tov Purim
Zol Nokh Zayn Shabes
Zum Gali Gali


OPERA AND OPERETTA (adapted for children's theater)

DIE FLEDERMAUS (Johann Strauss)
"When These Lawyers..."
"To Part is Such Sweet Sorrow"
Act 1 Finale
"What a Joy to be Here..."
"Chacun a Son Gout"
"My Dear Marquis"
"Champagne's Delicious Bubbles..."
Act 2 Finale
Act 3 Finale
GIANNI SCHICCHI(Giaccomo Puccini)
Schicchi Prelude
"Our Florence..."
"Oh, My Beloved Pappa..." (O Mio Babbino Caro)
Farewell Dear Florence
The Will
THE MIKADO (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Entracte - If You Want to Know Who We Are - A Wand'ring Minstrel I
Behold The Lord High Executioner
I've Got a Little List
Comes a Train of Little Ladies
Three Little Maids from School
"I Am So Proud..."
Act 1 Finale - "With Aspect Stern ..."
"Braid the Raven Hair..."
"The Sun Whose Rays..."
Entrance of Mikado
"A More Humane Mikado..."
Tit Willow
Derry Down Derry
Finale, Act 2
THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Pour the Pirate Sherry
Ruth's lament
Pirate King
Climbing Over Rocky Mountain
Poor Wand'ring One
How Beautifully Blue the Sky
First Rate Opportunity
Major General
Oh Happy Day (Act 1 finale)
"Oh, Dry the Glistening Tear..."
When the Foeman Bears His Steel
Pirate King's Chant
"Ah, Leave Me Not to Pine..."
"Tho' in Body and in Mind"
Policemans' Lament
With Catlike Tread
RUDDIGORE (Gilbert and Sullivan)
Fair is Rose
Sir Rupert Murgatroyd
"If Somebody There ..."
"I Know a Youth..."
"From the Briny Sea..."
"If Well His Suit Has Sped..."
Cherrily Carols the Lark
Oh, Why Am I Moody
Thou Had'st My Heart
Sculpted (Painted) Emblems
"He Yields..."
"My Eyes are Fully Open..."
There Grew a Little Flower



Daydreams (Chorus with Soloists)
White Rabbit (White Rabbit)
Falling (Alice with Chorus)
White Rabbit Vamp (incidental music)
Poor Little Alice (Alice with Chorus)
White Rabbit Vamp (incidental music)
Caucus Race (incidental music)
Who Are You? (Alice, Caterpillar)
Traveling Vamp (incidental music)
Pig & Pepper (Duchess, Cook, Baby, Alice &Chorus)
Coo-coo (Cheshire Cat with Chorus)
Traveling Vamp (incidental music)
Tea Party (Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse, Alice)
Scene change & 3rd Cheshire Cat scene underscore (incidental music)
Citizens of Wonderland (Queen of Hearts, Chorus)
Croquet (incidental music)
The Court Convenes (incidental music)
Final Transformation (incidental music)
Happy Summer Days (Alice's sister with Chorus)
An Irishman In Beijing
The Carousel Ride
The Clowns of Heaven
Commuter Shuffle
Country &Western Aerobics
Crab Testamonials Farmer's Life
Dithyramb for Flute & Piano
Draw Near, Oh Sabbath Bride
Eat Drink And Be Married
Fandago Modale (piano solo)
Fantasia Pripetshok (tape only)
Holy One (Cantor B. Schiller - arr. M. Sirotta)
Italian ballad (original instrumental)
Marimba Piece
Mismatch March
Old Tidings (3 Movt. score requiring full orch. & chor. - email me) (CD only w/o vocals)
Oseh Sholom (M. Sirotta)
Prelude to "Scapin"
Rites of Passage (CD only)
Sim Shalom (M. Sirotta)
Sonatine Lydienne
Wassail Song (arr. M. Sirotta)
Turn, Turn, Turn (Seeger - arr. M. Sirotta)



A Child is Born (Streisand)
A You're Adorable
Across the Universe (Beatles)
All You Need is Love (Beatles)
Anniversary waltz
April Showers
As Time Goes By
Autumn Leaves
The Babbitt and the Bromide (Gershwin)
Because (Beatles)
Begin the Beguine
Bewitched (Rodgers)
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
By Strauss (Gershwin)
Cabaret (from "Cabaret")
Cherry Pies Ought to be You (Cole Porter)
Do You Love Me (Contours)
Edelweiss (from "Sound of Music")
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles)
New York, New York
Favorite Things (from "The Sound of Music")
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover (Simon)
Five Foot Two (Has Anybody Seen My Gal?)
From a Distance
Funiculi Funicula
Get a Job
Golden Slumbers (Beatles)
Friendship (Cole Porter)
I Am the Walrus (Beatles)
I Am Your Child (B. Manilow)
I Believe
I Never Talk to Strangers (Tom Waits)
Imagine (Lennon)
It's a Grand Old Flag
Jeepers Creepers
Kentucky Ave. (Tom Waits)
La Vie En Rose
Lover ("...when I'm near you..." - Rodgers)
Mack the Knife
Movin' Out (Billy Joel)
My Funny Valentine (Rodgers)
Our House (Crosby, Stiles and Nash)
Patriotic Medley
It's a Grand Old Flag
I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy
God Bless America
Perhaps Love
Purple People Eater
The Rose
Russian Lullaby (Berlin)
September Song (Weill)
She Is Leaving (Beatles)
"Smile" Medley
Smile, Darn Ya, Smile
A Little Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way
You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
Just Let A Smile be Your Umbrella Aching
When You're Smiling
Someone to Watch Over Me
Star Spangled Banner
Stars & Stripes Forever
True Love (Cole Porter)
The Way (Hornsby)
We Are The World (Jackson)
We Didn't Start the Fire (Billy Joe)
Well, Did You Evah'
When I'm Sixty-four (Beatles)
Where or When (Rodgers)
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (Cole Porter)
Wind Beneath My Wings
With a Song in My Heart



The Candy Man
Cousin Peter
Did You Ever See a Lassie
Down By the Bay
Hey, Betty Martin!
Hickory Dickory Dock
John the Rabbit
Mother Goonie Bird
Never Smile At a Crocodile
Oh, The Horse Stood Around
One Finger, One Thumb Keep Moving
Peanut Butter
Purple People Eater
Teddy Bear's Picnic
Wake Up You Lazybones


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