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On a bank by a stream
A girl named Alice starts to dream
She does not listen to her sister read
From a book of verses, she does not heed.

Oh — Alice! Better pay attention!
Alice! Better wake up today!

Daydreams sneak up on you when you least expect them to
And carry you away

There’s not enough pictures in the book
To keep her attention, she does not look
Between the sound of the water and her sister’s voice,
She let’s her mind wander, that is her choice

Oh — Alice, you better pay attention!
Alice, you better wake up today!

‘Cause daydreams sneak up on you when you least expect them to
And carry you away

Daydreams can be dangerous, you can lose control
You could wind up on a cloud—
Or down a rabbit hole


White Rabbit : Oh dear! .... Oh dear, dear, DEAR!...

Alice: Why ...! How very strange!... Dinah...did you hear someone just now?...

W. Rabbit:  I’ll be late for sure!...

Alice 1:There! I did hear a voice! I know I did! seemed to be coming from over there!

W. Rabbit: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!... Where can it have gotten to?!! Where is that silly watch?!! Oh, my nose and tail fur!... I’ll catch it now for certain!...


W. Rabbit:

Oh, my ears and whiskers!   I’m late, I’m late,— 
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late  
The Queen of Hearts will have my head  served on a plate, a plate—
A plate, a plate, a plate
I must run to the palace  and stand by the gate, the gate —
The gate, the gate, the gate  

To be ready to announce the queen Only, I’m late,  I’m late,—
I’m late, I’m late, I’m late

Alice: Dinah! Look!... A rabbit with  a pocket watch and wearing white gloves! Oh, and now it’s  dropped’s a paper...with writing on it...Wait! Mr. Rabbit! No! Wait!... I only wanted to…why, it’s  gone through a hole in this big tree!...Mr. Rabbit! Are you in here? … just a little further… Mr. Rabbit? Mr. Rabbit? Mr. RAAAAAAA————!!!!!!!!



I never dreamed   that falling could be so enthralling  
I don’t think I’ll ever walk on my feet again
I won’t need shoes anymore in this room with no floor  
I do perceive  there are many objects falling with me
I can see a lot of furniture floating on air
Here’s a lamp, there’s a chair  And we’re falling nowhere  


Keep falling, Alice, keep falling  
Keep falling, Alice, keep falling  
Keep falling, Alice, keep falling  
Keep falling, dear Alice, keep falling  

Alice (spoken during above chorus)

Well! After such a fall as this, I shall think nothing of tumbling downstairs! How brave they will think of me at home! That’s strange!  There seems to be an echo in here, as if there is more than one of me. I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth!

(short dance  break)


I’ve no idea  if there’ll be an end to my descending  
This could be the way I’m spending the rest of my days
It’s so very amazing
How I keep on falling, and falling, and falling
And falling, I’m falling,  I’m falling ASLEEP!

© 2007, Michael Sirotta

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